Venue and Photography Tips for Stunning Los Angeles Weddings

Marriage is a celebration of the wishes of a couple to be joined together forever. While the event will only last for one day, the preparations can be grueling. Some couples choose to begin years before the day itself. After getting engaged, the search begins for the perfect wedding gown, suit, bridesmaid dresses, location and caterer. Most Los Angeles wedding photographers are booked in advance as well. This is done to avoid scheduling conflicts, which allows the couple to take a break and unwind days before the actual date knowing that their wedding will be properly documented.

Finding the perfect Los Angeles wedding photography expert need not be a hassle. Your event planner will usually have the numbers and perhaps samples of the best wedding photographers in Los Angeles. However, before scheduling an appointment to meet the potential candidates, it would be best if the bride and groom are able to agree on certain elements.

Firstly, are the pictures to be edited or kept as is? Is there going to be a pre-nuptial shoot? Will the pre-nuptial shoot be done in a studio or at a different venue? Being able to agree on these important key points will help the photographer plan out the concept for each photo shoot.

Before visiting each photographer, the couple should decide on a price range. Most Los Angeles wedding photographers will have different packages to choose from. The price range will vary depending on the skill and the number of locations for the pre-nuptial shoot. Many couples may decide to splurge on wedding photography. That is quite understandable since this is a once in a lifetime event.

The pictures will play a key role in this turning point from single hood to marriage. By picking a skilled photographer, you will be assured of stunning images worthy of your big day.

The venue is an important factor to consider. Natural lighting (i.e. sunlight) is a photographer’s best friend. It is hard to replicate with artificial light. This is why most outdoor weddings are celebrated in the morning or in the afternoon. Los Angeles is home to many locations with breathtaking backdrops. If the couple is interested in a quaint garden wedding the Heritage Museum of Los Angeles, Aliso Viejo Conference Center, Rancho Las Lomas, Sherman Library and Gardens, Dana Point’s Chart House, The Villa del Sol and Café Mozart are locations that should be considered.

Most wedding photographers will agree that beachfront weddings can also be stunning. Picture this, waves crashing on the shore and that is littered with rose petals. It is the perfect picture opportunity. La Casa del Camino, Surf and Sand Resort, Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort and Marina and The Waterfront Beach Resort are great wedding venues.

The urban couple may prefer a venue that looks chic and modern. If you prefer luxurious and minimalist wedding, The Hills Hotel, Anaheim Marriott, Hotel Menage, The Segerstrom Center for the Arts and the Renaissance ClubSport Aliso Viejo are locations that you might want to visit.

Whatever location you choose, a skilled photographer should be able to capture the beauty and sanctity of your marriage without any problem. By picking someone with experience and an artistic eye, you will be assured of stunning images worthy of your big day.


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