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Getting Good Portrait Photographs

Capturing moments of happiness and joy has been made all the more easier with photography. There are so many other reasons though that has caused photography to receive the response as it has today. Thousands of people have either established their careers as professional photographers or, are in the process of doing the same. Demand of quality photography is in high demand all over the world and in different circles. Advertising and media depends and thrives on photography. Corporate events of importance place a lot of stress on good photography. For taking good pictures though, one requires to contact good and qualified photographers who will be able to bring about the best effect that the photographs require. When talking about good and qualified photographers Canberra can be mentioned. These photographers usually end up setting examples for other photographers to follow.

Portrait photography is another field of taking pictures which requires special skills and talents.

This form of photography cannot be done with any and every camera / lens or, any and every photographer. In very simple words, portrait photography refers to focusing mainly on the face and expression of the subjects while taking the picture. the surrounding or, the background or, other things in the vicinity do not count as much as does the face and expression of the person to be photographed. Portrait photographs usually reveal one or, some characteristic of the subject’s character / personality. The photographer should be able to understand what emotion the subject in his presence is showcasing and take the shot which would reflect the same. All this may sound simple to many but is rather, a difficult job to perform. Quality portrait photographs usually come with experience and exposure that can be difficult for amateurs to achieve.

There is no doubt that portrait photographs are best taken by professionals. However, it is important to choose quality services like that of portrait photographers Canberra for the needful. You know what to expect from portrait photographs but, not many professionals will be able to produce the same. while looking for the perfect professional to suit your requirements, there are a number of factors that must be ensured while conducting the search. Going by the name of an established photography service can be considered a good start. After locating services with good and established name, the next factor that should matter is experience. The more experienced the photographers are, the better will be the portraits they produce.

Professionals like photographers Canberra are known for their versatility in portrait photography. Versatility expands the scope of the kind of pictures that a photographer can take and the client can likewise make the best from the services of a single professional. The photographer should be able to produce both traditional and modern, classic or, exotic poses with equal level of expertise. Besides these basic characteristics, the chosen professionals should be able to communicate with the subject to bring him / her to ease. He should be comfortable to work with. price points are important. Higher the level of experience and expertise higher will be the cost and vice versa.

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Tips For Improving The Portrait Photographs

Your pictures are your wonderful memories, so make them wonderful pictures. So let us follow easy tips which would help to enhance and improve the portrait photographs.

See the background

Most of the times when we click pictures, then we normally forget the background completely and just completely concentrate on the subject. For clicking the photograph of people against the seascapes and landscapes just ensure that buildings are standing straight and the horizon is horizontal. So it is important to take the quick look at the background behind the people while photographed.

Group portraits

You have seen or clicked thousands of pictures taken in group of people. You cannot see the detail of their faces. So go closer and take the photos, then you will get the detail of the photo.

Click the photos at the eye level of the subject

While clicking the photographs of the people, you will find the good results if they are taken at the eye level. For example, taking photos for children and animals sit or kneel down to get their level.

To click the detail, use close up

Want to click the beautiful smile of a child, you need to come closer. Actually there is no need to capture the complete person in a frame.

Use the focus lock

Use the focus lock, to keep the subject sharp. If the subject is not in middle of frame, than the camera might focus on the background and the subject would look blurry. So aim your camera at your subject, press and hold shutter button to get the focus lock.

Use the camera horizontally and vertically

Hold your camera vertically to get the tall and narrow picture; this is very effective for clicking the portraits. If you are taking the photo near an important landmark than choose the correct format.

Avoid the harsh light

Clicking portraits on sunny and bright days would be a good idea, but it can give out bad results as well. Bright lights actually create harsh shadows. So just try that your subject is not looking directly into the sunlight or their back at the sun, in both the cases it would not produce good photos.

Natural photos

Try out for some natural shots also in which people are not smiling. It is also important to take a break from the smiling photos.

Use flash

Flash is not only for indoors, you can use it for clicking photographs as well.

Author is amateur wild life photographer. He is associated with Pixpa – an photography portfolio website solution provider which provides photographers portfolio website.

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Loneliness via Black and White Photographs

In our digital era, black and white works often bring about the feeling of turning back to the past and remembering the period of the mid 20th century when news on televisions and newspapers is presented as non-color content.

Black and white photographs have no various colors, but they can represent the soul of photographs to viewers. Therefore, for many years, photographers have still used this sort of photographs for the art purpose, and it is also a way for new photographers to express their creativeness.

Black and white photographs are often preferred in expressing sadness, emptiness, or loneliness in the nature.


A girl in the state of loneliness

Cats felt sad as being captured in cages

Loneliness in the collection by Santosh Korthiwada

A slum with the misfortune people

Sorrowful man in the street

Stormy nature without the human existence

Deserted park at cold night


A lonely small girl in fear

An exhausted old woman in a narrow old lane

A young girl in hopeless feeling in front of the rough sea

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Black and White Photographs of Animals

Although black and white photographs were firstly introduced many years ago, photographers still prefer this kind of photos. One more thing, colored photos can distract us from such other factors as the structure and light. Black and white photos can add an air of romance, class, timelessness and mystery to otherwise ordinary photographs.

Without the distraction of color, other elements of photography stand out in black and white photos. Let’s have a look at the collection of black and white pictures of animals as follows:


A family of leopards


King of Beasts


Why are you looking so sad???


Don’t let the cat out of the bag


A dog is sleeping under the sunlight


Just whisper, please!


Hey! Don’t attack me like that!


Birds are flying in chaos when a storm is coming nearer and nearer


A horsed cargo in the sunset


A romantic love proposal in the forest


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