Photo: Olympic Champion Interpretation Of Fashion Portrait Appeared Bustling Sea

Omega world’s largest Flagship store Flagship store opened in Shanghai this month, the day was cool to catch up.

Zero degrees cold, chilly wind, so that the scene in front of reporters jumping in the store to ward off cold. Until the host finally appeared, go first out of the hostess Liu Xuan, the petite Olympics Gymnastics champion, out of the first sentence is: “so cold ah!” I saw her dressed in red and black plaid waist coat, the little face set off by distinct facial features high bun. A photographer in front of the stage shouting: “Liu Xuan, look here!” Liu Xuan is immediately posed for photographs with the ground. At this time, the store gradually slipped out of a fashionably dressed young men and women, a closer look, dark brown coat it is Luo, white short Leather clothing Is Yang Yang, casual style of dress is Chun-yang, as well as an experienced and reserved the short man middle-aged men, “wow, is Li Ning Ah! “Some people talk softly around. Champions are lined up in front of the shop instantly with extraordinary momentum, the scene lost all quiet on the bustling Nanjing Road West, then a staged opera star.

Fashion side of the Olympic stars
Weather fades, the crowds at last into the bright luxury flagship store, a closer look at the fashion side of the Olympic star. Fade warm coat, Luo, Liu Xuan, Yang stunning debut. Three women will be different feminine performance thoroughly, and Sports Field of a fierce fight ruthless different person. Luo, the Athens Olympic Games to China’s 1.3 billion people lament personality woman, her phrase “thank all love me, hate me,” so that people remember particular depth, at the moment, she is dressed in a black cape lined Skirt To do is graceful posture, do not see athletes thick, the elegant face with her elegant dress very Ge Chen. “We are public figures, not the star.” She answered media questions carefully selected with the method of expression, soft-spoken, with very little will calibrate, makes clear sense to keep her distance. And Liu Xuan and Yang Yang, the three sentences down will be personality players readily demonstrated. Both the dress has a lot of effort, LIU Xuan is a cowboy with Plaid Camisole Skirt , A lively city petite girls; Yang white Fur Trace of extravagance, as if a fashionable overhangs the lady. Liu Xuan was already retired college, she’s a “try a lot of field time, feel some confusion,” the site’s amused. Yang is also ready to retire after the next Winter Olympics, she would like both sports-related future career Nenggen, voice is something a tryin Sports Complex.

Luxury fashion and simple warmth Day of the opening ceremony, and a heavyweight performance rather low-key. He is mentioned in the Li Ning. The sports sector has been significantly older gray hair, a plain dark suit and appeared calm, the limelight seems to 1:00 by the young stars were covered. He along unemotional, even ignored reporters around. When the champion who in turn appeared in the store, there are young journalists to bow their heads quietly in the following comments: “Chun-yang which the champion ah, how not heard?” “Because then you are still young.” Reporter looked up, speak is Li Ning, like the big brother laugh as they do in good faith. That scene in particular warmth. When Li Ning, Chairman of the Chinese Athletes Fund of status from Omega took over a 250,000 yuan level of donations by check, the young reporter who came to realize that his presence can not only appeared to join in so simple. Li Ning is most willing to talk but not their own foundation??? That is old by a group of retired athletes, co-sponsored charity, Project Hope Foundation for Youth Development work in poor areas Donation “Chinese athletes hope primary school.” That winter night, there are purely commercial are also purely philanthropic, with popular titles are also eye-catching bright steady low-key sports predecessors, the luxury fashion and simple warmth, does not constitute Nanjing West Road and down busy.

Olympic champion per person wearing a Omega’s new series of products to participate in the eternal Olympic opening ceremony, from left: Table 9-Ball World Champion Pan Xiaoting, the Olympic short track speed skating champion Yang Yang, the World gymnastics champion Li Chunyang, Olympic gymnastics champion Liu Xuan, Olympic swimming champion Luo. Beijing 2008 Olympic Games as the official timing of the opening ceremony Omega also released another of its latest watch??? 2006 Olympic Games in Turin, limited series.

Olympic swimming champion Luo

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