Pet Portraits–the Perfect Holiday Gift

For many people, the animal companions with whom they share their lives have become members of the family, rather than mere pets. One of the most beautiful ways to celebrate a cherished pet or remember those they have lost, is with an original, hand painted portrait. With the holidays quickly approaching, a custom pet portrait makes the perfect gift for any animal lover.

Perfect for the home, the office or as a special gift, a pet portrait is a timeless, personal piece of art that will be appreciated by your family for generations to come. Bring a beloved cat or dog to life in a fine art portrait and give the perfect holiday gift that your friends and family will treasure.

The Process

The portrait is created from a photograph or multiple photographs that you provide. The artist will use these as references and collaborate with you to create a piece of artwork that is reflective of the pets individual spirit and personality. The best artist or muralist will work with you to create quality portraiture that is more than a generic painting, but a part of the pet owners home, life and family.

Selecting a Photograph for Reference

When selecting photographs for reference, it is best to choose a clear image with natural lighting. Flash lighting has a tendency to flatten and widen the images in your photos, so you will want to select photographs with the clearest image of the pet. Using the photograph you have provided, the artist can paint the perfect likeness of a beloved pet for a holiday gift that will be cherished for a lifetime.

The artist can also make some custom modifications for your pet portrait such as a colorful background that compliments your home decor. Two or more photos can also be combined to create the finished portrait or a color photo can be used as reference for creating a color portrait from a black and white photo.

If you live in Texas and are looking for a unique holiday gift, the creative talent of professional muralist, Leigh Watson will capture the spirit and personality of a beloved pet. The happiness and comfort that she has brought to pet owners is the inspiration behind her work and every portrait is hand painted in her studio with great attention to detail. With one or two clear photos or digital images, Leigh can transform the photo of a beloved pet into a beautiful memory.

Leigh Watson of Watson Design is an Austin muralist who creates the beautiful, custom pet portraiture that has touched the hearts of so many pet owners. She also paints artistic logos and stunning wall murals for nurseries, medical offices, dental clinics, hospitals, homes, schools, learning centers and churches all over the state of Texas. Her artwork ranges from dinosaurs, safari jungles and sports stadiums to fairy-tale castles, underwater themes, your favorite storybook characters (Dr. Seuss, Where the Wild Things Are and Beatrix Potter, etc.) and much more!

With Leighs imagination and creative spirit, pet portraits, nursery murals, wall mural paintings, and mobile murals make walls and spaces come alive under her skillful hands. Visit Leigh Watson at to set up an appointment today!

Heather Preston Muralist – A self-taught muralist/decorative artist, Leigh Watson founded Watson Design. Contact Leigh for your next mural!

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