India’s new “money worship” doctrine

Soaring price of gold in the international context of rich Indians set off a new round of gold fever.

In a southern Indian city of Madras is located in NAC’s gold shop called everywhere can see the fine workmanship of gold and silver jewelry. But this treasure store of Zhendian is hanging in the upstairs office of a small photo. The photo is an inlaid with 4,000 diamonds and 7,000 grams of gold made by the tall crown. This crown jewels from the four divisions with NAC 6 months to complete, worth about 70 million, is now worn on the temple in southern India Tailujiana (Tiruchanur) inside the statue’s head. NAC, a partner A Nansha (Anantha) proudly show a photo album, the above records are his gold shop to complete the works of other Indian temples. He said that all the famous temples in India focused their silver into gold-plated statues.

“Now the Indians have money, let us all into the Golden Temple Temple Temple of the Silver.”

This phenomenon simply reflects the gilded temples Indian obsession for gold on the one hand. This country to buy gold each year the number of at least one-fifth of the global total, is the world’s largest gold consuming country. Experts believe that there are 15 000 -2 tons of gold bars, gold bullion and jewelry store in India where the bank safe and the safe house. And this figure is rising. According to the World Gold Council statistics, in India to buy gold at an increase of the ratio of nearly 33% to 850 tons. This upward trend in the international gold market price of gold on January 6 this year, soared to the highest level in 24 years: 541.20 U.S. dollars an ounce. Although not all the gold imported into India are used for domestic consumption (some is used to make jewelry and exports), but the Indians apparently are not confused by soaring gold prices lost appetite. Why are Indians still buying gold?

Can be seen from the many Indians obsession with gold is advocating extravagant legacies of ancient India. It now appears that weak investment policy and volatile economy, people no longer believe in banks and stock markets, investment in tangible assets instead, mainly gold. Indian economic boom in recent years to bring a mature and relatively stable economic investment opportunities: Public funds, stocks, bonds, even abstract art. Affluent Indians are trying to diversify investments. World Gold Council vice-chairman K. Madras Division Shi Wen Long (K. Shivram) said: “The elite of Indian society has begun to reduce the enjoyment of the gold.” Clearly, along with India’s middle and lower socio-economic conditions turn for the better Today, the sharp rise in demand for gold are from middle class or poor.

Despite the current economic development in India has been criticized as only benefits the rich, but has an endless stream of new wealth to penetrate every corner of the country, especially in emerging middle class, such as in Madras when the maid’s 40-year-old The Pan Dema? Kangdababu (Padma Kondababu). As the first home to make money out of women, Pan Dema earn 85 dollars a month, in the eyes of Indians is very high salary. She had to buy a gold deposit, sometimes installments, to pay 12 U.S. dollars each to buy a pair of gold earrings. “For people like me, buying gold is a symbol of dignity. In my parents era, hundreds of rupees to buy a gold pound (1 pound is equal to 8 grams of gold), but they dare not think. Now Rs 6,000 can buy a gold pound, but we can afford. “

Indian economy in recent years, rapid development and penetration depth of wealth can understand the high spending power in southern India is not a coincidence. Southern Indian city of Kerala (Kerala) not far from Madras. There, gold everywhere billboards. In some local traditional wedding, the bride often wears gold necklaces, bracelets and gold earrings appearance. 1 ? Manon (Ambika Menon) Indians think that people addicted to gold is the embodiment of changing times. Broke the old money system and the hereditary class system of discrimination brought by the concept. “Let your daughter wear a gold wedding would be tantamount to others that I am important to the community.”

Economists believe that if the money used to invest in banks or stocks, rather than in the safe, will greatly increase India’s GDP. But this idea out of date. Gold is considered in this unstable world of relatively safe assets. Jane Williams, a teacher Madras? Lonnie (Jhansi Rani) said: “The collapse of so many banks give them great loss.” One of his close relatives of the pension there is a private bank, then this the sudden closure of the bank, his money has gone.

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The early morning of March 6, Yuanjiang city, town, south mouth Mountain Island Sipan village, Marlon, will be more than a thousand pounds of organic vegetables loaded onto trucks destined for Shenzhen. These are not spraying pesticides, fertilizers, vegetables, with a “vegetables,” the pragmatic sense of the people of Shenzhen has become a regular dish on the table.
 Sipan Shan Chau is one of Dongting Lake in China embankment, the history of suffering from the floods hit, now integrated into the country’s organic agricultural production base. Today’s Sipan Mountain Island, eyeful is full Cuiwei tall and straight trees and lush green farmland, because the cultivation of vegetables Without any chemical agents, soil and water quality have also been effectively protected, wherever they went gurgling streams, bu zhi head, just like entering a picture of one of the original ecology of the green.
“In order to ensure that consumers safe to eat, I will spray your mobile phone number on the outside of the package. Prior to purchase, consumers can call mobile phones for information, if there are problems, but also can be traced.” Zhang Jianhua reporters covering the right to go said that this innovative approach, let us quickly get the organic produce market acceptance, the public bought at ease. At present, the Sipan Mountain Island Organic Farming Association has more than 600 farmers to promote the move has also become Hunan “vegetables” the most resounding signs.
 Reporter saw in the village, each household has a farm diary, detailed record of the daily production process. Zhang Jianhua’s diary at home turn a thick book, can not find the above, “pesticide”, “fertilizer”, which can see is that after the organic agricultural production, rising crop yields and prices. Production base in place stringent food safety inspection regulations, and to the individual responsible. So far, 17 farmers for violating the rules or falsification of the diary farming was “kicked out of Office.”
 “Vegetables” in a bigger market also won the first move. Last year, by the end of November, Mountain Island Sipan granted direct supply of vegetables in Shenzhen, the throughput gradually rising, dealers are constantly urged to broaden product areas, as soon as possible transport of organic chicken, organic eggs, organic fruit and other new products. At present, the output of Sipan Island mountains more than 100 kinds of vegetables, fruits, hot sales, despite high prices than ordinary fruits and vegetables, but still Zouqiao market. In particular, organic orange, because the quality and safety checks are effective, successfully passed the stringent international certification, pass across the sea into Canada, the U.S. supermarket.
 Now, Zhang Jianhua, and Mountain Island Sipan other villagers are trying to achieve a bigger dream – so that they can produce all the organic products are out of the “abroad” so that Hunan’s “vegetables” on their way in the world’s table!

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Portrait Photographers—Real Emotions in Quality Portraits

When we say portrait photographs, we refer to a picture of a person that focuses on the facial features and expression of the face. Portraits can be taken by almost anyone but only professional photographers can deliver the best quality at a constant rate. From deliberate pose to candid shots, portraits are really interesting but quite a challenging task for photographers. The main goal of portraits is mainly aimed to capturing the personality and physical likeness that defines the subject.

Way back, portraits used to only illustrate a person in photographs without having the need to consider the subject’s real essence. Some portraits are even presented in a way that it looks dull and entirely lifeless. But today, due to the advancement of digital photography, portraits are now more vibrant and full of life, more like great memorable art forms.

In order to get the best photographs, good professional photographers first get to know their subjects prior to the photo sessions.

They engage their subjects into light conversations as they try to study them carefully as they talk. They take note of the triggers on how to make their subjects smile, laugh or even cry. Good photographers value their subjects the most and how they are as real persons that’s capable of feeling happy, sad, and angry. Not all portraits show subjects in their happy faces. Some prefer to be photographed in a different way showing different and deeper emotions.

Portraits mainly highlight the subject and not their surroundings. However, there are some portraits that are taken beautifully with scenic backgrounds. This kind of portraiture can only be best taken by skilled professionals.

They make sure that the beautiful background does not over power essence the subject but in fact adds more personality and glamour to photographs.

Photographing subjects that are naturally shy in front of the camera can be a real challenge to most photographers but candid portraiture shots seems to work like magic. Candid portraits can be evocative which easily attracts the interests of curious viewers.

For newborns, the best way to photograph them is when they are peacefully sleeping under their mother’s sweet embrace. This kind of shot brings back warm and soothing memory for both mother and child in the future.

The Portrait Photography Austin is all about portraying the real essence of the character of a person. With their advanced camera equipments and photo enhancement software, they make sure that the subject is the main focus of their photographs. The Portrait Photography Austin can bring back great memories through beautiful and exhilarating portraiture photographs.

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Printer channel the “war” effort in the “Drainage outside” – the printer sales – Printing Industry

Construction as the country continued in-depth information, pin Printer Accelerate the secondary and tertiary markets to promote government and commercial applications. Market and users Purchase Behavior change, the vendor’s channel system is also bound to “to change the system changed.” Value-added services, flat channel structure and enhance pre-and after-sales service functions, enterprises are constantly adjusting channel content, and more competitive.

The importance of channels is obvious. Competition in the channel play an important role in the manufacturers naturally familiar with this, the introduction of a variety of preferential policies to attract good dealers to join their channel system, the channel war of the smoke is “thick.” How do manufacturers struggle between the channels do? I visited Shida peripherals relevant person in charge.

Channel of the “competition”: to be trained, “Drainage of foreign” Kung Fu

“Secondary and tertiary market, the increasing popularity of commercial information technology, as well as the continued construction of government information input to the Print Machine manufacturers to provide a great opportunity, but also the ability of the company made a major test of whether the application needs to provide for the printer product market, and covers all levels of city building, all the user’s channel sales Network Will be directly related to the business-to-grasp business opportunities related to business survival and development “, Shida peripherals says the person in charge.

The responsible person noted that “two, three market implication of the enormous opportunities the channel also is bound to lead the struggle intensified. In fact, for manufacturers, more channels struggle embodied in the ‘channel outside’, and only practice on the excellent ‘drainage outside the’ Kung Fu, can really play the role of channels, otherwise, the channel became a ‘passive water, a forest without trees’. “

“Drainage outside” Kung Fu 1: R & D, with the “need” and change

Clearly, companies should have trained hard “channels outside the” Kung Fu, bear the brunt of a strong product development capabilities?? With the “need” and changing customer demand, to provide the products our customers really need in order to win customers trust, to promote the channel sales. Shida peripheral to the official told the author, dot matrix printer market opportunities for more development of the market due to industry projects, and demand characteristics of these industries and general industry, significant differences exist, requiring printer manufacturers in product development and production full account of the process of product differentiation and close to the user application requirements and other issues. Introduced to meet the user needs only a “personalized” products, to fully display their true “Kung Fu” in order to win the market.

I learned in the interview, as “the preferred brand for 20 years of domestic stylus”, Shida peripheral always adhering to the applicable principles, to apply the drive technological progress, and continuously to superior performance, faster print speeds, more reliable print quality to meet the diverse needs of users. With ticket printer, for example, not only introduced the 110’s horizontal push ticket printer BP-690K +, BP-690KPro, there are 82 of the horizontal push ticket printer BP-650K, and these kinds of special paper in the adaptability and durability have unique performance. Recently to push the market of professional level tax-bill printer IP-690K, is taken into account the specific customer needs Fiscal printing introduced.

“Drainage outside” Kung Fu II: personalized service, allowing customers to maximize the value

Course, the only products that meet customer needs is not enough, strong service capabilities that other manufacturers have acquired a set of “channels outside the” Kung Fu. As we all know, with the marketing channels to 23, the corresponding service network must also be synchronized to follow up, a wide range of distribution area and complex application environments, IT vendors to put forward higher requirements, the availability of services to meet customer needs become an important consideration for manufacturers.

Services as the industry leader, Shida peripheral obviously know this perfectly well, not only to build a sales network of printers throughout the country, more for the nationwide service network. Shida peripherals implemented each year is called the largest domestic IT services, tour site service, not only to teach him to “fish”, but also to teach him to “fish”?? To customers free of charge repair, maintenance, support, training, etc. site service.

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