Odyssey White Ice 2Ball Putter vs Odyssey Black Series-i 2-Ball Putters

The most prominent feature of the 2-Ball putter is, well, the 2-Ball part. That refers to the white, golf ball-shaped alignment aids that adorn the top of the putter. The idea here is that, when you address the ball, you’re looking down at what appears to be a line of golf balls pointing towards your intended line. It’s a devilishly intuitive idea that’s wildly effective at sending putts where you want them to go. That’s the hallmark of the 2-Ball line. This new, White Ice version, packs in some features to help you make even more putts. Its premium dark nickel finish isn’t too shabby to look at either.

The White Ice moniker refers to Odyssey’s latest face insert technology that’s been fine-tuned to enhance sound, responsiveness, resiliency, and consistency.

Primarily, the insert’s core has been firmed up by nearly 20% to enhance feel and the face surface has been roughened to enhance performance with today’s softer golf balls.

Odyssey Black Series i 2-Ball Putter

Inspired by the best-selling 2-Ball, the Odyssey Black Series i 2-Ball Putter features an advanced

insert and weighting technology for golfers demanding the best in performance, precision and

craftsmanship. This milled putter features the same multi-material construction as the original Black

Series Putters, but now utilizes the multi-layer Tour insert that provides premium feel and

responsiveness, improving performance on the green.

Our engineers have precisely controlled the head weight so it can be matched with the specific shaft

length for impeccable consistency and control.

The rich, nickel-plated finish will also appeal to elite

players. And the Fine-Tuned Loft System optimizes the loft in conjunction with the Center of Gravity

(CG) to generate pure roll characteristics.

Overview of the Black Series i 2-Ball:

Unique 2-Ball Putter Alignment System – Improves your aim for better accuracy. Multi-material

construction – The 1025 carbon steel body and weighted tungsten flange create a low, deep CG to promote

true roll. Head weight optimization maximizes consistency and distance control, enhances feel and

provides better roll characteristics. Tour insert inside this milled putter is constructed of an

elastomer core that enhances feel and a thin, firm outer striking surface infused with urethane for

fine-tuned responsiveness. Precision milled putter head with a rich, nickel-plated finish creates

optimal balanced weighting. Hogged-Out Hosel allows weight to be redistributed to the tungsten flange

for a low, deep CG. Our Promise for the Odyssey Black Series i 2-Ball Putter

An Odyssey Putter is a promise made. Sure, we design each of our putters to help you slay more demons

and sink more putts. But, we also design them to withstand any kind of punishment you can dish out and

we back them up with an Odyssey assurance of quality. We rarely see a putter returned, but if you find a

defect within a two-year period, we’ll repair it or replace it. No questions asked. And that’s a promise


More information is at discount golf clubs 

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