Milestone Portraits for Your Baby

Photographers don’t just take pictures; they make each moment count. Baby portraits are priceless. And as a parent you would want to keep a remembrance of your baby’s milestone through great quality pictures.

Newborn photography sessions are generally best when your baby reaches few days until six weeks old. Newborns that are two weeks old are the most ideal for photographing their yawning and sleeping moments as they curl up in their fetal position since they behave naturally this way. You may also wait until your baby reaches four to six weeks old to allow enough time for the his head to shapen and also to clear up dry skin and rashes. When your baby reaches the 3rd month, this is the time when his expressions starts to show up which can make the session really fun. Since babies at this stage cannot sit on their own, this can be a perfect opportunity for bare bottom portraitures.

On his 6th month, you may schedule another shoot as soon as your baby can sit up on his own. At this stage, babies are naturally active and would love to move around. They smile and laugh easily which makes it beautiful close-up shots. During his 9th month, portraits of your baby can be best taken as he tries to pull himself up. This is because at this stage, babies are still learning to stand and walk by holding on to something near them. And as he reached the 12th month, this is the time when you celebrate his birthday. Babies can now start walking on their own thus possibilities for portraiture shots can be limitless. Outdoor portraits are also great during this stage.

Before the scheduled session, make sure that your baby has taken his bath so that he will feel fresh during the shoot. Extra wipes are very important, so don’t forget to bring some. A towel is also necessary to wipe dry the skin and mouth. Don’t forget to also bring a few bibs and clothes during the session in case of messy emergencies. Your baby should be dressed with loose clothing on your way to the studio. His socks should be removed 15 minutes before the session and his diaper should also be loosened to avoid red marks from his skin.

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