Looking For the Perfect Gift? – Portrait Art is the Perfect Answer

Many gift giving occasions arise for each of us throughout the course of every year. There are the birthdays of our friends and family members. There are anniversaries – our own and those of parents, siblings and friends. There are graduations, and other rites of passage such as quince anos and bar/bat mitzvahs. There are the winter holidays with their tradition of gift giving. And there are those gift giving occasions that come up spontaneously in which we simply want to convey the message “You are special to me and I care about you”.

When one of these gift giving occasions looms on your horizon you begin the search for the perfect gift, the unique gift, the gift no one would anticipate, the gift that the ‘person who has everything’ does not have. This search can be daunting, tiring, and seemingly impossible to achieve in some cases.

Commissioning an artist to create a portrait commemorating a special event, or an everyday moment in someone’s life, makes a truly unique gift.

A photograph is all that is needed for a portrait artist to turn a person’s photo image into a work of art. And you can bet that a gift like that will be completely unexpected and totally one-of-a-kind. It will also be cherished for many years to come.

So the next time you want to give your wife a perfect anniversary gift, consider having a portrait painted of the children, or a portrait of the two of you, either from a photo taken on your wedding day, or from a current photo. When your mother’s birthday is drawing near and you really want to give her something fresh and different, have an artist create a portrait of her grandchild.  And when your choice for your brother’s Christmas present keeps eluding you, but you want to give him something he would never anticipate, have an artist do a portrait of his best-buddy German shepherd. The possibilities are endless.

You get the picture. A picture is worth a thousand words and giving a work of portrait art can be the perfect gift. Unique, ever so personal and guaranteed to be very appreciated.

Artist Yasmeen Harper is the owner of Face Value Portraits, an online studio/gallery of portrait art. She has 30 years experience in creating portraits and specializes in adults, couples, infants, children and pet portraiture. Artwork can be done in either black & white or color. All work is done from the client’s photos and can be customized as desired, such as combining two subjects from separate photos into one portrait, or altering backgrounds, clothing colors, etc. Pets and people can also be combined in one portrait. Finished portraits are matted and framed and can be delivered throughout the U.S. Extensive communication via email and/or phone is included in her portrait service to ensure that every work of art is tailored to meet the customer’s specific wishes. This very personal approach has garnered her highly satisfied customers over the course of many years. To visit her gallery and learn more about her unique and affordably priced service, go to: http://www.FaceValuePortraits.com

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