Light box ? A Mandatory for Professional Photography

What is a Light box?

Light box is a very convenient and portable device, which allows both professional as well as amateur photographers to take professional photographs. Generally, a light box uses light similar to daylight (5,000–6,000 kelvins (K)), and has uniform light strength on the glass pane, and adequate light strength.

Various applications of a Light box are:

A light box comes with a container with several lightbulbs and a pane of frosted glass on the top. It is used by photography professionals viewing translucent films, such as slides. It is also used by visual artists for photo-referencing.

Lightbox is also used for fabric reflectors that are attached to studio lighting via a connector to create soft lighting by diffusing the strobe flash. Interior reflectors of a Light box can be white, silver or gold to alter the temperature of light.

A light box is also referred to a folder used on stock photography, which allows the user in organizing digital photos.

Light box also allows graphic designers to show clients options for a project in a simple and uncluttered folder.

A light box is a very user friendly equipment which is easy to assemble and easiest to use. It takes only a few minutes to set up a Light box. With the convenience of easy storage, one can easily opt for a light box to add on that professional style to photography.

With proper placement of light in the light box and use of different backdrops, a professional as well as amateur photographer can easily create an intended impact with utmost ease. The goal is to achieve even, crisp lighting without hot spots. Diffusers and numerous lights are often used to accomplish this.

Light Box comes in different sizes and shapes, thus one must always be careful in choosing the one which meets his/her expectations.

Benefits of a lightbox

Time saving

Easy to use and store

Produce professional pictures without getting involved in the hassle of using professional photographic equipments

Experience high quality results using daylight balance lights

Highly economical

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