Lear Portrait Drawing – Stage One

Portrait painting or portrait drawing is a genre of painting and drawing. Here the intention of an artist is to depict visual appearance of the subject or the person whose portrait is to be made. Here are some basic rules to observe while drawing a portrait. 

While looking first time at the face you are going to draw, you should carefully observe the geometrical proportions of different parts of the face, the parts that comprise a human face: the eyes, the nose, the lips, hair and other things.

The artists would not miss to mark difference in size and shape of upper and lower eyelid. Mark carefully how the upper eyelid covers portion of the whole eye. That would be your first act to draw the eyes; after that start drawing iris and then sketch out eyelids around it.

It is a common belief that both the eyes of a person are similar in size and shape.

However that may not be true in everyone’s case. Our eyes are not the mirror image of each other. Moreover the shape of an eye varies with movement of eyelids. The wind also effects the position of eyelids and the shape of the eyes. So while drawing the eyes, you are to keep several aspects in mind.

However at this stage we would not engage ourselves in the detailed aspects of eyes, like shading and other things. That can be taken care of after the whole face is drawn. Once the eyes are drawn as above, you can proceed further.

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