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HP LaserJet P1505 Black and white laser Printer With 1200 × 600dpi print resolution, the “0” Warm technology, its home page output only 6.5 seconds, but can complete 23 pages per minute print speed, low-end black and white in the middle or have more Jida competitiveness. Currently this product price 1530 yuan, 1480 yuan higher than the preceding price was up 50 and recommend it to small and medium Office SOHO users and those who choose.

As the industry’s fastest home a laser output Printer , At HP “0” seconds preheating technology support, LaserJetP1505 page output time of just 6.5 seconds, greatly reducing the print to the document output from the confirm time and shorten the waiting time for users. At the same time, the paragraph on page 23 products / minute print speed also helps users improve the overall printing efficiency.

Continuity has always been outstanding print quality HP, P1505 up to 1200dpi print resolution, to ensure the professional quality text output, text, images clearly more refined and with excellent grayscale performance, the full texture of your document.

In addition to outstanding performance, compact design and convenient functionality to further enable IT staff to support LaserJetP1505 be no business or personal ideal working environment. Simple shape design to save desktop space, and convenient LED control panel and set a conspicuous position in the fuselage of one-touch “power”, “Cancel” button, with a very easy; front access door design, and integrated Toner And the integration of HP imaging drum Toner Cartridge To simplify the replacement Consumables When operating, but also to avoid the powder separate drum cartridge replacement supplies photosensitive drum when the trouble caused by injury.

In addition, this entry-level laser printer is also the first to offer similar products in the past only in the high-end laser printing device only with the manageability and support Network Print fast, easy sharing; with integrated smart chip, cartridge and printer cartridge designed to be interactive communications, when the toner is insufficient margin to issue a warning, but also the daily printer usage statistics, so you timely informed of supplies state, during a print job to avoid the embarrassment of toner runs out, accurately grasp the opportunity to buy supplies.

Strategy based on under HP Print 2.0, the first Jida products, using HP Smart Web Printing settings LaserJetP1505 provide a simple, basic web printing capabilities, but also help the user to control the print content and print mode. Users can choose from multiple web pages, store and organize text and graphics, through a free download of templates and editing Software , Edit and print all in accordance with the screen display of the content shown, reducing paper waste, so that web printing more environmentally friendly. It is worth mentioning that, because of use 0 seconds preheating technology related products not only save energy when idle, but also in energy saving mode, the output page, optimize printer performance, reduce the total time and total energy consumption of print.

Edit Comment: HP LaserJetP1505 page out speed, print high quality, 23 pages / minute print speed in the same price products have the advantages of larger, 8,000 / month for high print load can easily satisfy high-volume print users tasks are more suitable for small office and SOHO buyers.

Product Model HP Laserjet P1505

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