Five photography lovers should avoid common errors


Tired of kept delete photos and repeated remake? This paper can help you save time, improve the first shooting chance of success.

Although the digital camera for, according to shutter hardly need cost, but the best or improve their photography level, as far as possible first shooting successful, and not repeated press shutter expect “bump” a good movie. Here we will introduce some of the most common mistakes, and how to avoid them.

1. Avoid redundant element

Forget the viewfinder carefully check it is easy to make mistakes. Not careful observation of the foreground consequences is often destroy a was the perfect photo. You really hope has a sign the head “in two”? Or in a rural scenery appeared in the truck?

To avoid this problem the easiest way is in the point when it avoid them off.

The most effective tool is your eye, to develop the habit of check the viewfinder is very important.

Each photo, don’t forget to check the frame, every corner. If you find the wrong things into the picture, change the shooting Angle or height to avoid them.

Use Photoshop save photos

There is always some time, you can’t completely avoided all things. Maybe couldn’t find the right position, perhaps is really not found.

By this time, Photoshop’s generic stamp tool can help you save failed photos. JVC BN-VG108U Battery Use generic stamp point is constantly changing the size of the brush and sampling points, and slowly changes.

It’s time, but really effective.

2. Avoid monotony of scenery photo

Good landscape can not take a good picture. Ignore the fact that you’re apt to get a pile of tedious photos.

Shooting scene photos, the most basic elements is light. Not only the fine weather can make good pictures, but the light really can let the pictures have very big difference. In a typical cloudy weather, you need to be patient, otherwise the sky like a piece of white cloth wash general.

Waiting for the sun pierced through the clouds, illuminate the main objects to the scene, so the colour of the whole picture will only vivid rise. There is a little skill is, no matter what the light, can be used to pressure gradient mirror in ash dark sky.

Another problem is the need to pay attention to find an interesting point. Lack of interesting pictures of prospects to attract the attention of the audience

The scenery of the perfect photo

1. Once you’ve determined choose scene, he put the camera on the tripod and wait a light in place. Changes of light very quickly, so you need to be ready.

2. Use of grey gradient mirror. This filter can pressure dark sky, balanced exposure.

3. Avoid slow shutter lead to screen fuzzy

Slow shutter can take a great photo. This technique is used to the shooting. But using the last 1 s around the shutter, you need to solid support to avoid screen fuzzy. A tripod, or a stone is right choice.

Generally speaking, the shutter speed depends on the speed of the water and water. 15 s shutter can put the mountains on the stream of such as milk generally, and in the cities of the fountain often needs to 1/10 s or so.

Want to notice is that the shutter speed cannot too long, used quite good, otherwise the current will lose all details the picture.

4. Avoid lifeless still life photos

For most were about speaking, be taken body is unable to move freely. But for the still life have very big of freedom.

For example, the autumn leaves are very attractive shooting theme, but if just see what kind is made into a what kind, the photos will lack of visual impact.

You should actively select and arrangement of the background, control all the pictures. The leaves concentrate, when full of simple sense, the picture color and design before pressing the shutter button.

Control scene

1. The leaves will be collected. Use the tripod carefully composition. Use small aperture.

2. Change the leaves decorate, each only at a change. Through the viewfinder observe screen, precise control every detail of the image.

3. If possible, keep the same layout, the light changes taken again.


5. Avoid lack of focus portrait photo

Af is a great invention. But, although the af system useful, it can’t understand you shoot intentions.

General digital camera to focus will cover most of the picture, and will simply assume recent object is you want to focus. For many photos for such no problem, but there’s more photos can’t.

For some photos for, the position than other factors focus more important. Especially when becomes shallow depth of field after, the focus is accurate became more important. For example, one for photos, general requirement promise eyes clear. Eyes is not clear, like photo is basically destroyed.

The three methods guarantee clear focus

 1. Use manual focus. This need you to have good vision and rich experience.

 2. If selected af, don’t use of automatic focus. You should be selected according to the need to manually to focus.

 3. When necessary, can press shutter lock focus first half, then the camera to the translation of the composition. 

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