Family Photography in Moorpark, CA

Family Photography

Family photographs are extremely valuable items; they bring back fond memories and evoke feelings of sweet nostalgia of those special moments families share together. Family portraits are often everlasting reminders of a loved one who has passed on or childhood memories of grownup children who have moved away.

Because family photographs will be treasured for many years to come, a family photography session should be preceded with careful planning. The following are guidelines on five areas to consider when planning a family photography session.

Not every person who owns a high-end digital camera makes a good photographer. Family photography is a skill acquired through experience; it also requires some artistic ability to blend group dynamics, lighting with the right angles and poses.

One of the ways to gauge the skill of a photographer or studio is to view the gallery of family photos taken in the past, paying particular attention to the different concepts, themes, poses and background settings. Photo gallery websites such as contains a vast array for professionally taken family portraits. Another consideration is cost; a packaged flat rate for a certain number of digital photo files is certainly more cost effective than purchasing individual prints. Having the digital files also gives one the liberty to print as many copies or edit the photos as one requires.

One of the challenges when planning a family photography session is to get everybody together, especially when it involves families who are located at different parts of the town or country. For families with young children, one should plan to have the photos taken at a time when the children are at their happiest, such as after a nap or in the morning while they are still fresh. For outdoor photography, one should consider scheduling the photo sessions in the morning or early evening before sunset as the lighting during these times of the day is just about perfect.

The location or background of the photo is a very important consideration. Background should be simple without too many elements that may distract attention away from the people in front of the camera. Backgrounds also provide contexts to the photo, so some families may want to pose at specific locations where they had happy memories in or locations that are significant to them, such as the backyard of their houses or favorite picnic spots.

As family photographs are all about close family bonding, one should ensure that the color of each family member’s clothes is matched and well coordinated with the rest. Some family photos have members wearing standard uniforms of white collared shirts or black jackets or denim jeans, while some have the group wearing a combination of matching theme colors such as red, black and white or different shades of brown and white, for example. Whichever the choice, one should choose solid colored clothes over distracting patterns and stripes.

Finally, posing is a very crucial element in family photography. For one, families should not be afraid to huddle close to one another in front of the camera; the closeness permeates an impression of warmth and family connection. When grandparents are present in the family photo, they should preferably be seated or positioned at the center as the focal point of the family lineage. There are many variations of poses for family photographs, some more formal and others casual and fun. Many memorable family photos have also been taken with families in various casual action modes such as jumping, kneeling or hugging with wide smiles on their faces.

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