Expressing Oneself With Self Portraits

A self portrait is a form of art started by many artists during the early centuries by the Egyptians. This is an artwork of which the artist is the subject of the portrait. The most common with portraits is that the subject is usually directly looking at the audience but some may vary depending on the mood and representation of the artist. This can be made by the use of painting, charcoal, sculpture and any other methods.

One way to create a self portrait is to look at your image in a mirror. The early mirrors used during the early period were concave resulting to the deformity of the subject. One of the examples of such work was made by Parmigianino during 1524. With the development of larger sized mirrors, artists were able to create large self portraits.

It was only during the Renaissance period that it was acknowledged as a popular art though self portrait artworks had been practiced for many centuries now.

This form of art has since emerged among the wealthy members of the society. The finished portrait is used to decorate homes, especially the living room and bedrooms.

A notable fact is that women artist can produce great self portraits. Among the popular women artists who created several self portraits includes Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun, Caterina van Hemessen and Frida Kahlo.

For the men artists, Vincent van Gogh is the most prominent in self portraits creation. Since 1886 to 1889, he had made thirty seven self portraits. Most of his creations differ in terms of the color and intensity.

According to Galina Vasilyeva Shlyapina an art critic, self portrait are classified into two which consist the personal portraits and the professional portraits. Professional portraits are artworks that show the artist at work, while in personal portraits showcase the artist showing psychological and moral values.

In later years, the use of photography for creating self portrait has been introduced. The artist can take pictures of his or her own reflection in a mirror or photograph his/her own face. Some modern cameras have timers and tripods which allows easier photographic self portrait easier.

Artists create self portrait for different reasons. Some artists use this kind of art as their signature for their masterpieces. Though the most common practice of many artists is signing their work with their names, Phidias made it the different way by using his own image as a signature.

Others use their self portrait to showcase their personality. They sometimes showcase in their art their status in the society, skills and religion. Some of the popular artists who used their portraits for such purpose include Parmigianino and Albrecht Durer. Other artists would create their portraits to reveal their emotion. They would show their suffering, happiness and whatever emotions they have through their creations.

In some cases, self portrait are used by some artist to reveal their hatred and emotional problems. They would sometimes paint themselves nude and masturbating.

All the great artists started their work by gazing at the mirrors and create their self portrait whether for the purpose of showing their physical features, show their emotions or would just simply promote their skills to the public. Whatever reasons, self portrait is a way of exploring oneself, a discovery of how an artist looks at himself. It is a way of expressing the deepest emotion of an artist.

Today in our modern world, many artists are still doing self portraits. The most common method used is charcoal drawings. With the development of digital cameras and its popularity, photographic self portrait can be done even by non artist. We can make good self portraits on our own. Many people love the idea of taking their own photos with different poses and share it with their friends and family.

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