Black Tie or White? Dress Flawlessly from Head to Toe On Your Special Day

An invitation to a formal event embarks the hunt for the formal attire. Finding the attire for the formal occasion becomes much more difficult when the invitation card says – “White Tie Dress Code”.  White tie dress code is known to be the most formal dressing style and it is meant for occasions scheduled after six in the evening.

In earlier times, white tie dress code was the most prevalent one for social meetings and wedding parties. However, today the popularity of the white tie has decreased significantly and black tie dress code has become the favorite choice of men. This is mainly because of the fact that little alterations can be done to the attire according to the taste of the wearer. It is noteworthy that there is a fine line of difference between these two dress codes and understanding this difference is essential before beginning with the shopping.

Here are mentioned the details of both the dress styles so that it becomes easier for the wearer to find out the difference amongst both options.

White Tie Dress Code

The fabric of the coat and the trousers remains same when dressing according to white tie style.

The satin or grosgrain facings on the coat add majesty to it. As the name suggests, men have to wear white bow tie along with a white waist coat with a white shirt. Not to forget, the entire look remains incomplete without black court shoes.

Black Tie Dress Code

Coming to black tie style, this dressing form is considered less formal in comparison to the one mentioned above.

In black tie dress code, both the waist coat and the bow tie are black in color. Men can include peaked lapel in the coat to give it a modern look. Moreover, individuals have the freedom of accessorizing their shirts with studs and cuff links and add sparkle to their look altogether.

After getting aware of the elements of both the formal dressing styles, it is natural to think that picking the right tuxedos for men is a matter of a few minutes. However, another hurdle ahead of you is finding the store from where you can get customized tuxedos for men. With customized tuxes, the wearer can easily get all the elements of his choice together without compromising on anything.

So, take out some time and search through the internet for the most amazing stores providing tailor made tuxes to their customers, in almost every part of the world.


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