Black Slate Tiles – The Black Beauty

Black slate tiles are a form of Slate tiles derived from a piece of sedimentary metamorphic rock having a hard texture. They are widely available in various size, shapes and colors. The prices vary depending on the quality, type and the manufacturer. Although the color of slate is not of much consideration in the pricing of slate, but the same can be of extreme importance when it comes to matching with your liking. Use of a wide range of colors was a fashion syllable and black was considered as inhospitable and gloomy option but with changing times and taste for poise Black slate tile has become one of the most desirable option.

Black slate tile is classified into three types ceramic, porcelain and natural stone also they come in different shades of black and gray which in turn stretches its array.

The natural stones are comparatively costlier as compared to the other two but are often considered unique due to various distinctive shape appearances naturally being formed of them by sediments. It’s a very good alternative for granite and black marble as it’s more cost effective, and is softer than granite and harder than marble. Also it doesn’t get harmed with acidic products and is far more scratch resistant.

There are many colorful tiles available in the market, which looks very lively initially and soon loses its freshness. The Black slate tile comes as an option which adds uniqueness and sophistication to the ambience and doesn’t lose its vigor for a longer period as compared to multi colored or a designed tile which on the other hand becomes boring and dull with time.

Their exquisiteness can be enhanced by coupling them up with colored tiles to form diverse patterns and outlines. The most notable of them being check board design using black tiles with combination of white.

Usage of these tiles was previously restricted to kitchen countertops, bathrooms and indoor spaces due to its toughness, durability and characteristics of being non porous and heat resistant but with a desire for intricacy, elegance and distinctiveness their horizon and usage is constantly increasing in outdoor places like commercial projects, corridors, office lobbies, balconies, stairs, backyards, gateways, garden path due to their ease of installation and low maintenance cost. Thus this black beauty is proving its vastness and gaining acceptance in countless areas of construction so do explore this option for embellishing your new home with toughness.

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